CFD is the computer-based simulation of liquid and gas flow behaviours, heat and mass transfer, moving bodies, chemical reactions, multiphase physics, fluid-structure interactions and even acoustics. CFD can be used to understand all of the above within existing systems but the ability to develop a virtual prototype of a system then simulate and optimise it under real-world operating conditions before it is built makes CFD an incredibly powerful and cost-effective engineering tool. Qantur Technologies offers a comprehensive range of CFD analysis by simulation & modeling for engineering product design optimization.

Our services are specifically designed to help engineering clients in improving product quality in terms of reducing cost as well as increasing efficiency and sustainability.

Along with our partners, Qantur Technologies offers HVAC consulting services primarily for car park CFD services in India and Globally. This also includes ducted and ductless (jet fan for car park ventilation) simulations. Our CFD experts provide specialized simulation services in tunnel ventilation CFD in India and globally.

CFD Analysis

More about CFD

  • We have an experienced CFD application analyst team providing CFD simulation & modeling services in the core application areas of aerodynamics, building ventilation, data centers, filtration, flow control, heat exchangers, heating / refrigeration.
  • Our CFD analysts utilize industry prevalent CFD simulation & modeling related pre-processing tools & CFD solvers, which comprises of ANSYS DesignModeler/ SpaceClaim, ANSYS Fluent / CFX to solve complex challenges associated with fluid mechanics.

Our Core CFD Services

  • Basement car park
  • Smoke evacuation
  • Ducted and Ductless ventilation
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Data centre cooling
  • Precision temperature control
  • Hospitality and health care
  • Commercial & residential
    • Solid-liquid interaction
    • Highly non-linear deformations
    • Vibrations and other effects of fluid structure interaction
    • Mixing
    • Separation
    • Exterior body aerodynamics
    • Interior air flow simulation
    • Pressure drop calculation for inlet and exhaust manifolds
    • Fan and rotor system design to develop fuel efficient and high-performance
    • Automobiles
    • Heat transfer studies
    • Thermal compatibility
    • Electronic cooling studies
    • Blade geometry
    • Flow angles
    • Mass flow rate
    • Pressure drops

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