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    Authorized ANSYS


    FEA & CFD


    FEA Analysis

    We provide simulation driven product design solutions to drive down development cost and reduce time-to- market by allowing manufacturers to visualize product behaviour, predict failure possibilities and implement key design changes.

    At Qantur Technologies, we collaborate with design engineers to evaluate product design right from early design stages and minimize prototyping trials.Our FEA specialists provide key insights on the product behaviour and constraints that lead to possible pre-mature failure.

    Additionally, we deliver design optimization solutions for existing products and help reduce resource utilization while keeping product designs efficient.

    FEA Analysis

    Our Core FEA Services

    • Non Linear Analysis
    • Linear Analysis
    • Heat Transfer by Conduction
    • Heat Transfer by Convection
    • Heat Transfer by Radiation
    • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis
    • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
    • Crash Analysis or Impact Analysis
    • Blast Simulation
    • Modal Analysis (Eigen Value Extraction)
    • Buckling Analysis
    • Harmonic Frequency Response Analysis
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Structural to Thermal Coupled Field Analysis
    • Piezoelectric Coupled Field Analysis
    • Topological or Shape Optimization
    • Resonance Optimization

    Consult Qantur Technologies for FEA Analysis Services at: or request a quote.