ANSYS Electromagnetic field simulation helps you design innovative electrical and electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. In today’s world of high-performance electronics and advanced electrification systems, the effects of electromagnetic fields on circuits and systems cannot be ignored. ANSYS software can uniquely simulate electromagnetic performance across component, circuit and system design, and can evaluate temperature, vibration and other critical mechanical effects.


More About Electromagnetics

  • Wireless and RF – ANSYS high-frequency electromagnetics design software enables you to design, simulate and validate the performance of antennas and RF and microwave components. The integrated microwave circuit and system modeling capabilities have direct integration to our EM solvers delivering a platform for full- system verification of next-generation RF & microwave designs.
  • PCB and electronic packaging – The ANSYS Chip-Package- System (CPS) design flow delivers unparalleled simulation capacity and speed for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of high-speed electronic devices. Automated thermal analysis and integrated structural analysis capabilities complete the industry’s most comprehensive chip-aware and system-aware simulation solution across the chip-package- board.
  • Electromechanical and power electronics – ANSYS electromechanical and power electronics simulation software is ideal for applications which depend on the robust integration of motors, sensors, and actuators with electronics controls. ANSYS software simulates the interactions between these components and the design flow incorporates thermal and mechanical analysis for evaluating cooling strategies and analyzing critical mechanical effects like noise-vibration- harshness (NVH).
  • Electronics Thermal Management – ANSYS electronics thermal management solutions leverage advanced solver technology with robust, automatic meshing to enable you to rapidly perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulation for convective and forced air cooling strategies. Our solutions help you design cooling strategies to avoid excessive temperatures that degrade the performance of IC packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs), data centers, power electronics and electric motors.

Applications of Electromagnetics

Using ANSYS Electromagnetics helps you to build much efficient, faster and cost effective products

The Internet of Things, wearable electronics, 5G, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and automotive radar are emerging applications that are driving extreme integration of RF and wireless communications. The ANSYS Antenna and Wireless System design flow delivers the simulation features you need to create reliable, optimized systems faster than your competition.

With a rapidly increasing number of wireless devices and a finite spectrum in which to operate, the likelihood of these communication systems interfering with each other and degrading the performance of neighboring systems becomes greater every day. The ANSYS RF Option now includes EMIT, the industry-leading software for predicting RF co-site and EMI interference of multiple radio transmitters and receivers.

ANSYS provides a complete suite of engineering simulation tools to help identify signal integrity issues early in the design cycle for electronics IC packages, PCBs, connectors and other complex interconnects. ANSYS signal integrity analysis products predict EMI/EMC, signal integrity and power integrity issues — enabling your design team to optimize system performance before build and test.

Sensors, actuators, and transformers and other electromagnetic and electromechanical devices are key to the megatrend of electrification. ANSYS low frequency, electromagnetic field simulation software allows you to accurately calculate critical design parameters and automatically create precise system-level device models quickly and accurately.

ANSYS delivers a comprehensive motor design methodology that will reduce design cost and optimize size, noise, efficiency and durability. The ANSYS motor design solution delivers robust electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical analyses, combined with power electronic circuit simulation and embedded software tools to analyze the complete motor-driven system.

ANSYS HFSS-SBR+ is a powerful, shooting and
bouncing ray (SBR) electromagnetic field solver option for HFSS. HFSS SBR+ predicts performance of antennas mounted to electrically large platforms. Antenna designs created in HFSS can be linked to HFSS SBR+ and placed on an electrically large platform and rapidly solved. This powerful combination enables you to analyze installed performance and optimize antenna placement.

As communication systems push the limits of component size, weight and performance, engineers must adopt new technologies and smarter workflows by leveraging EM field simulators linked to powerful harmonic balance and transient circuit simulation. ANSYS electromagnetic solutions break the cycle of repeated design iterations and physical prototyping. With ANSYS solutions,
you can consistently achieve best-in- class design in a broad range of applications including passive RF/mW components, integrated multichip modules, advanced packaging and RF PCBs.

ANSYS provides a complete suite of engineering simulation tools to help identify signal integrity issues early in the design cycle for electronics IC packages, PCBs, connectors and other complex interconnects. ANSYS signal integrity analysis products predict EMI/EMC, signal integrity and power integrity issues — enabling your design team to optimize system performance before build and test.

ANSYS provides electronics cooling simulation products for chip, package and board thermal analysis as well as thermo-mechanical stress analysis. ANSYS simulation tools help you manage excessive heat that can otherwise lead to increasing leakage and electromigration failures of the chip, as well as analyze die package, PCB and interconnect thermal differential expansion to enhance reliability of the entire electronic system.

From electric drives to power supplies and robotic systems, ANSYS is the choice for power electronics designers worldwide. With ANSYS power electronics design solutions, you can achieve first-pass system success and deliver efficient, optimized designs in less time and with less cost.

Flagship Products

Our flagship products provides the best in class electrical and electronic products for faster and more cost-effectively end product.


ANSYS HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Its gold-standard accuracy, advanced solvers and high-performance computing technologies make it an essential tool for engineers tasked with executing accurate and rapid design in high-frequency and high-speed electronic devices and platforms.


Maxwell is a comprehensive electromagnetic field simulation software for the design of motors, actuators, transformers and other electrical and electromechanical devices. Maxwell can solve static, frequency-domain and time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields precisely.


SIwave is a specialized design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. SIwave helps you model, simulate and validate high-speed channels and complete power delivery systems typical in modern high-performance electronic devices.


Today’s electronic devices, including their IC packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs), have smaller footprints and unique power requirements. Inadequate designs could lead to overheating components that degrade product reliability and cause costly redesigns.


Q3D Extractor provides 2-D and 3-D parasitic extraction for engineers designing electronic packaging and power electronic equipment. Q3D Extractor provides partial inductance and resistance extractions that help design DC-DC power converters.


Electronics Desktop is the premier, unified platform for electromagnetic, circuit and system simulation. HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor and Simplorer are built into the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal pre and post processor for these tools.