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    Industrial Equipment and Rotating Machinery

    Global trends and market pressures push engineers to revamp industrial equipment, rotating machinery and turbomachinery design, with a centered approach on rendering performance with improved energy efficiency, safety, durability and range with reduced cost and time to market. To achieve targets, developers focus on improving all aspects of machine performance.

    Energy efficient rotating machinery minimizes carbon emissions, but for thermal turbomachinery design engineers must also address emissions of NOx, SOx, unburnt hydrocarbons and soot.

    Industrial Equipment and Rotating Machinery

    More About Industrial Equipment and Rotating Machinery

    • As machines cycle more frequently, operate off-design, and burn multiple fuels, it becomes more difficult to achieve emissions targets.
    • Reducing power consumption is a pressing issue for providers of turbomachinery in automotive, chemical process, oil and gas, and HVAC applications. Efficient compressors, turbines, pumps and fans reduce power consumption and, hence, plant and building operating costs. Low maintenance translates to low operating costs consequently a focus on reliability.