Increasing demand for smart electronic devices is driving integration and further miniaturization of integrated circuit (IC) technology. Interacting physics arising from shrinking geometries, especially in FinFETs, stacked-die and emerging 3D-IC architectures, result in power integrity and reliability-related design challenges. By simulating electromigration, thermal effects and electrostatic discharge phenomena, you can verify the power noise integrity and reliability of the most complex ICs. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools offer you early power budgeting analysis for high-impact design decisions.

ANSYS Semiconductors

More About Semiconductors

  • At the core of every electronics system is a chip that has to meet multiple conflicting requirements, such as high performance, increased functionality, power efficiency, reliability and still at a low cost. Ensuring the chip meets power integrity and reliability requirements as both a stand-alone component and within the electronics system calls for a system-aware chip design methodology. ANSYS uniquely offers a suite of multidomain, multiphysics solutions to support a chip-package-system (CPS) design flow.
  • With the cost of designing and implementing a system-on-chip (SoC) ranging from $50 million to $200 million, first-time working silicon is a must. IC designers require the most accurate simulation solution and consider foundry certification as the ultimate proof of accuracy. ANSYS semiconductor solutions have been certified at all leading foundries since 2006.

Applications of Semiconductors

Our software has enabled thousands of successful tape-outs across multiple technology nodes. Our solutions are used by more than 90 percent of the global semiconductor companies, including all of the top 20.

ANSYS RedHawk provides the world’s leading simulation solution for system-on- chip (SoC) power integrity analysis. ANSYS simulation tools enable you to model supply voltage variations with sign-off accuracy and reduce the overall power noise impact through the package and board.

Vertically-stacked integrated circuits (3D-IC) have emerged as a leading solution for getting higher performance in a smaller form factor with lower power requirements. The ANSYS RedHawk 3D-IC platform enables you to simulate multiple stacked ICs that use 2.5-D and 3-D integration, and to extract accurate package models during power and signal integrity simulations. RedHawk is the de factor standard for IC power integrity and reliability.

Large system on chips (SoCs) using advanced FinFET technologies achieve higher performance and density in a smaller area. More chips in a smaller package, however, generate greater amounts of heat. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools give you the simulation and analysis accuracy you need to ensure top performance in even the most complex integrated systems.

High speed digital cores, analog circuits, radio frequency modules and I/O interfaces integrated on the same IC, noise propagation can reduce circuit efficiency and affect circuit operations. The ANSYS Canyon Substrate Extension platform models noise propagation from the core and substrate, enabling you to minimize noise and optimize your design before prototyping.

Semiconductor intellectual property cores (IPs) are critical parts of any system-on- chip (SoC) design. ANSYS Totem offers a comprehensive co-simulation framework for analog, mixed-signal and custom circuit designs. Totem also provides a comprehensive full-chip solution for modeling and simulating noise injection, propagation and coupling through the on-die power grid RLC, substrate RC, and package RLC networks.

For Internet of Things and mobile technologies, which typically operate on batteries, ICs used that consistently require greater computing power in smaller chips, power consumption analysis of integrated circuits (ICs) is key to a successful design. ANSYS PowerArtist is a comprehensive register-transfer level (RTL) design-for- power platform enabling you to analyze, debug and improve power efficiency for digital ICs.

ANSYS solutions gives you the most comprehensive simulation platform in the industry for modeling chip thermal, power and signal integrity, as well as package modeling and system-level thermal modeling for chip-aware systems. Tools such as ANSYS RedHawk and ANSYS IcePak ensure optimal performance for your integrated circuit or SoC design.

Automotive designs increasingly incorporate multitudes of electronics systems to provide safety, comfort, and better performance. As more of these systems are integrated and operate simultaneously, poor system design can increase temperature, electrical noise, and create magnetic interference. The ANSYS software platform ensures these systems are validated for system integrity.

Flagship Products

Our flagship products provides the best in class designing and simulation smart electronics devices.


ANSYS RedHawk is an industry standard power noise and reliability sign-off solution for your SoC designs. With a track record of thousands of designs in silicon, RedHawk enables you to create high-performance SoCs that are still power efficient and reliable against thermal, electromigration (EM) and electrostatic discharge (ESD)


ANSYS Totem is a transistor-level power noise and reliability simulation platform that enables you to meet increasingly stringent power and reliability requirements for IPs, analog, mixed-signal and custom digital designs. Totem enables design analysis while taking package and substrate parasitics into account, with SPICE-level accuracy.

ANSYS PowerArtist

ANSYS PowerArtist is the comprehensive design-for- power platform of choice of all leading low-power semiconductor design companies for early RTL power analysis and reduction. PowerArtist enables you to perform physical-aware RTL power budgeting, interactive debugging, analysis-driven reduction, efficiency regressions and profiling of live applications,

Featured Products

These products provide purpose driven solutions in the field of CFD with tools to evaluate and provide accurate solution to the relative field of simulation.

ANSYS PathFinder

ANSYS PathFinder helps you plan, verify and sign-off IP and full-chip SoC designs for integrity and robustness against electrostatic discharge (ESD). The analysis is performed at the layout and circuit levels to help you identify and isolate design issues that can cause chip or IP failure from charged-device model (CDM), human body model (HBM) or other ESD events.


ANSYS RedHawk-SC is the new standard for power noise and reliability sign-off for next generation designs that is production proven and silicon validated. The underlying elastic compute architecture has the scalability to solve the largest chips within a few hours. Big data analytics enable rapid data mining to drive actionable outcomes and optimization.


ANSYS Path FX complements existing sign-off and physical design flows. It has the performance to evaluate all of the timing paths and clock trees in a SoC for delay and variance for even the largest designs tackling advance process with accuracy in manufacturing maintaining the functionality.

ANSYS Variance FX

ANSYS Variance FX provides the most complete variation models for standard cells and custom macros. It creates both delay and constraint derates and .lib timing models for entire libraries. ANSYS Variance FX has production proven accuracy to tackle the most advanced manufacturing processes,