Engineering simulation is playing a growing role in science and engineering at the university level. ANSYS Academic engineering simulation software is addressing the needs for engineering students & researchers globally at various academic levels and different engineering streams. Engineering graduates and post graduates use ANSYS to learn physics principles, to solve complex engineering problems and produce meaningful data for their curriculum needs and doctoral dissertations.

Qantur Technologies is the leading distributor of ANSYS academic products for universities and research institute in Bangladesh.

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ANSYS Campus Wide Solution

ANSYS has a unique solution for meeting the needs of engineering colleges and universities where Campus Wide Solution (CWS) provides Multiphysics software approach to professors and students who can access more software for less.

  1. ANSYS Multiphysics Campus-Wide Solution can be individually licensed or combined to meet the needs of every university
  2. Provides both teaching and research variants of all core ANSYS academic products
  3. 10X teaching tasks for each research task provided
  4. Large number of HPC workgroups built-in
  5. CWS is priced more attractively than individual licenses or bundling various products together