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    Solutions by Industry

    Your product development organization — no matter what your industry — can benefit from ANSYS engineering simulation solutions. Each sector faces unique, constantly evolving challenges. ANSYS provides not only a broad base of standard tools and services but industry-specific capabilities and expertise that deliver the flexibility and scalability you need for your distinctive industry.

    Aerospace & Defence

    Designers and engineers for next generation aerospace products and systems must constantly innovate to create extremely complex parts and large assemblies that satisfy customer requirements, maximize performance, and meet strict safety standards.

    Consumer Durables

    Consumer goods manufacturers are using engineering simulation to satisfy clients who are focused on low-cost, durable goods that, increasingly, offer energy efficiency. A product that lacks any of these qualifications may not survive the sales cycle.

    Industrial Equipment & Machinery

    Global trends and market pressures drive engineers to improve industrial equipment, rotating machinery and turbomachinery design, with a focus on delivering performance with improved energy efficiency, safety, durability and range with lower cost and time to market.


    Innovation and invention are the two constants in the automotive market. Innovation, combined with efficiency, reliability, and style are all prerequisites to success in the highly competitive auto industry. As in the past years, time to market is a huge competitive advantage.


    The proliferation of smart products is driving the need for engineers to improve electronic product design and focus on delivering lower cost, lower power, and higher performance through the integration of discrete functions.


    The increasing worldwide need for reliable energy at a reasonable cost, combined with growing environmental concerns, has brought energy science and engineering into the global spotlight.


    For thousands of years, the construction industry has responded to the issues of its day with innovation after innovation. Today’s challenges are centred around saving energy, minimizing operating costs, and improving safety and occupant comfort.


    With patient welfare hanging in the balance, disruptive innovation is a permanent concern and product failure is not an option in healthcare. Applying engineering simulation throughout development can make all the difference in bringing new treatments to patients.